Al Hillah Radio Stat


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Al Hillah Radio Station

On May 9, 2023, I and a group of pastors traveled toward the ancient city of Babylon where the two holiest Shiite Moslem cities are located. According to reports more than 14 million pilgrim worshipers visit these holy cities.

Adjacent to the ancient city of Babylon is the city of Al Hillah where we have just finished erecting a radio tower. Our visit to Al Hillah helped us see the equipment and the tower that were installed (see photos attached).

Our visit to the city of Al Hillah gave us an opportunity to test the clarity of the broadcast and the radius it reaches. After listening to the broadcast, we found out that our radio station in Al Hullah reaches a radius of 100 miles minimum. To our surprise the Al Hullah broadcast touches the suburbs of Baghdad.

The ministers who accompanied me visited the Ur of Chaldea and found out that the church being built there will be completed within a year and the bishop of that church told us that we can put a radio tower and rent space on their property. This is a great opportunity for millions of people in three or four provinces to have access to hear the Word of God. There will be monthly operational expenses which include rent, electricity, electric generator, salary for one employee to supervise the station, and an annual tax to the government.

Again, our radio ministry is the most powerful Christian radio ministry, not only in Iraq, but across the Middle East. I am very grateful for the partners that the Lord provided. Thank you for investing and empowering us through your contributions to this ministry.