Dr. Edgar M. Feghaly


Sunday - 8AM Sunday School, 10AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 7PM Small Groups

Middle East & African Partnership

Dr. Feghaly was born in Lebanon, saved at the age of 7 and was very active in the church. After graduation from school, he worked in an International Bank while managing a Publishing Company in Beirut until the Civil War. 

Dr. Feghaly has an earned Business Degree as well as a Master’s Degree. 

He holds an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree as well as an earned Doctor of Theology. 

Since 1985 Dr. Feghaly was instrument in planting the Bible Baptist Church of Beirut, Lebanon. 

In 1996 God called him to minister in the Middle East and West Africa. 

During the Liberian Civil War, he stood by the Independent Baptist Churches and helped them survive, leaving behind 37 churches. He renovated 2 Christian schools, replenished the college library, built 2 schools in Liberia, a safe house and a Bible College and a radio station that reaches the whole city of Monrovia. 

In Ghana he built 7 churches, and 4 parsonages. 

In N. Sudan he worked with the Moro tribe training their pastors and sought to planting 5 churches. He partnered and helped in establishing the 5 churches plus the Bible Institute. 

In S. Sudan Dr. Feghaly built a church and a Christian school. 

In Iraq he was instrumental in establishing 2 churches plus 3 radio stations. Two more radio stations will be installed in Erbil and in Al Hillah in 2023. 

In Egypt he was instrumental in acquiring 13 church buildings. He is instrumental in establishing the New Testament Baptist Churches: 13 local churches plus 2 more will be planted in 2023. 

In Syria he was instrumental in planting and working with 5 churches throughout the years. 

His ministry includes the following countries: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, N. Sudan, S. Sudan, Ghana, Liberia plus 2 unspecified countries. He was able to do this because he works with national pastors who were called to reach their countries with the Gospel. 

Dr. Feghaly is the author of two well-read books. He is a well-known speaker throughout the USA, Canada and Europe in addition to Africa and the Middle East. 

Dr. Feghaly is married to Rosann Feghaly and the Lord blessed them with a boy and a girl, Mitchell Feghaly, a Revenue Manager and the Vice President of a Hospitality Group, and Dr. Julie Weller.  Both Julie and Mitchell are active in their churches.